Fringe World & MICF 2013

Jack Tandy in Jack Tandy ForeverJack Tandy in Jack Tandy Forever

Friday 25th January – Sunday 3rd February


8:30pm @ The Sun House Tent

(Cultural Centre, Northbridge)

Once upon a time in a simmering fishing town lived, storytelling stand-up, Jack Tandy. Then a whole lot of crazy stuff happened that changed everything forever… forever… forever… Jack Tandy in Jack Tandy Forever is a comedic-tragedy, or ‘com-edy’, packed full of hope, betrayal, redemption and a heap of the funnies. It’s not nearly as narcissistic as you might think.

Written and Performed by Jack Tandy

Special guest appearance from Nelson Mandela

It’s been said about me –

“Avant-garde comedian who quickly developed a cult following” – Community News

Jack Tandy spent the whole show in a skin-tight body suit and we could all see his balls, so I think he (Tandyballs) deserves a special mention.”

“His expertise in the craft of comedy is particularly evident” – Loopy Lou

Buy tix to the show here

I’m also one of these guys


One thought on “Fringe World & MICF 2013

  1. Hey mate! I saw you last night with my girlfriend Sarah. I donated $31 at the end and Sarah was on stage milking the cow :). Just want to say it was awesome. I was more than happy to give you $31! You deserved it. I’ve been to many paid shows that didn’t give me the belly laughs that you did and after all isn’t that what comedy is all about? Also glad I won the record for quickest guess of the card trick. Anyway so I gave you money I didn’t have to and on the way home we found $50 on the ground. I feel that was good karma for donating to you :). So thanks for that! Hope to hear from you soon and can’t wait to see you make it! Keep up the great work both you and Coco 🙂


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